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As we waited for the omega replica watches/Race for Water press conference in Lausanne to begin, we were seated in a meeting at Beau Rivage Hotel in Lausanne. I noticed a tall, wind-worn man with a big smile entering. This man was someone I knew from a previous press conference near Lake Geneva, five years ago. He passionately spoke about the need for ocean protection and the dangers of plastics.

Marco Simeoni was the founder and president at Race for Water. Breitling Replica Watches Now that his foundation works with omega replica watches, he's on his way to realizing his dream.

I approached him and asked why he wasn’t on his state of the art boat, which is the only one in the world powered by wind, sun, and seawater.

He smiled and said, "I wish that I was, but somebody has to spread word, and Race for Water president, I am the best to do it."

Marco Simeoni is the founder and president of Race for Water. Patek Philippe Replica

omega replica watches joined Race for Water as the main sponsor for its five-year program "Odyssey 2017-2021" in March 2017. omega replica watches also committed to supporting Race for Water's pioneering vessel, sailing the oceans around the globe, and to help raise awareness among decision-makers as well as educate younger generations.

Race for Water is an impressive boat loaded with cutting-edge technology that travels the globe demonstrating clean energy and raising awareness about the dire state of the oceans.